Leadership and Staff

Sarah Voigt

Director of Wesley PSU and Abba Java


Hiya, I’m Sarah.  I love time spent around the table, especially eating good food! I love hearing people’s stories (and I SO look forward to hearing yours). I love things that grow, both for beauty and sustenance.  I love books and the places where books are kept. I’m a novice knitter/sewer but I love to make things. I love to make sourdough bread and all things “baked goods”.  I love a good walk, bonus points if there are trees to look at along the way. I love places and exploring what makes a place unique – I’m already starting a list for places to go in State College; I’d love to hear your recommendations! 


I graduated from Lambuth University in 2005 with a BS in Mathematics & Sociology only then to make the decision to go to seminary! I graduated from Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City with an M.Div in 2009 and was ordained in the Church of the Nazarene in 2014 (in Scotland, on St Patrick’s Day).


My husband Ted and I have been married for 14 years; we met at Mountain TOP (a summer camp ministry in Appalachia) while he was a student at Penn State. I first visited the Wesley Foundation and Abba Java in 2002! We have two amazing kids – Abigail (8) and Simon (5); our family is looking forward to welcoming students to share life with us!


We moved to State College from Wicklow, Ireland where we’ve lived for the last 6 ½ years. It’s an incredible place with incredible people! I’m sure you’ll hear loads more about it! One habit I have brought with me from Ireland is my LOVE of a proper cup of tea!!! Just ask me what that means!


I’ve lived ALL across the US but my husband Ted actually grew up right here in State College at St Paul’s UMC! It’s both amazing and crazy to be back full circle.


Seventeen years ago I sat around a table at Abba Java, eating pancakes before a home football game, and now we find ourselves in State College again.  It is our continuing desire to gather with others around the table. I believe that we are called to be a people of the table – inviting, gathering, welcoming, eating, discovering, sharing – to anyone and everyone who would join us.  Just as Jesus did.  Jesus said, “come to me all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). It is my hope and prayer that Abba Java and the Wesley Foundation will be a place of welcome and rest for the students at PSU.  Come and join us!

Sue Justice

Abba Java Coffeehouse Manager


Sue graduated from Penn State in 1990 with a degree in elementary education. She hopes that Abba Java is a place where students can come to feel “at home” – safe, loved, and refreshed. Her favorite part about Abba Java is meeting and getting to know students! She loves hearing about their studies and plans for the future! Sue is a mother of three daughters and an animal lover who is also “mom” to two dogs, a parrot, and a horse. Sue is the person to contact if you wish to volunteer or get more involved at Abba Java! 

Karen Morgan

Wesley Assistant


Karen grew up in State College and has attended St. Paul’s her entire life.  She graduated from Penn State in 2004 with a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management.  Karen, her husband, Steve and two boys, James and Zachary currently reside in Pine Grove Mills.

Taylor Pawlik

St. Paul’s and Wesley Intern 

Major: Chemical Engineering

 Hometown: Huntington Mills, PA

 Favorite Place in State College: The Life Sciences Bridge on campus. I could sit and watch people walk by all day!

 Favorite Breakfast Food: Home fries!

 Favorite inspirational quote  that helps guide your life:

“She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans” -Kobi Yamada

Marissa Flora

Abba Java Volunteer Management Intern

Major: Human Development and Family Studies

Hometown: Chantilly, Virginia

Favorite PSU Creamery flavor: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Favorite inspirational quote that helps guide your life:  “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Evan Knaff

St. Paul’s Children’s Ministry Intern

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Favorite Creamery Flavor: Cookies n Cream or Death by Chocolate

Favorite Breakfast Food: Egg White omelet with Spinach and ham/ Waffles

One super power: I would want the ability to fill anything, i.e., a water bottle, gas in my car, my bank account

Michaela Shover

Abba Java Management Intern

Major: Smeal Business School

Hometown: Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

Robert Nystrom

Graduate Student Leader

Major: PhD Candidate Meteorology

Favorite Place in State College: Penn State Golf Course

Favorite Creamery Ice-cream: Death by Chocolate

Any Super Power? Atmokinesis… endless case studies and control over the chaos.